How to diversify sex

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Adults are designed in such a way that they are highly dependent on the emotions they experience during sex. In general, sex means a lot to people, it’s just that most people do not attach great importance to this issue. If there is no failure in the intimate sphere of life, if a person is lucky with a partner, if he succeeds in fulfilling all his sexual fantasies, then the state of mind, appearance and well-being of such people become much better than those who have a gap in sex. Today I want to talk about how to make sex with the same Odessa prostitutes from the site little more interesting, crazy and diverse.


You can’t have sex every time while wearing the same outfit or set. The visual image is very important in this process. That is why every woman and every man in the arsenal should have sexy underwear sets, some kind of erotic outfits, role-playing sets and so on. If we talk about men, then for them you can choose latex underwear with slits or some kind of leather body ammunition, face masks, gags, butt plugs with animal tails. And you can also take on such an item as a leash, which is attached to the penis.


You will have to change not only appearance, but also behavior. Behavior doesn’t have to be constantly passionate or constantly dominant. You need to try to become unpredictable in order to surprise and pamper each other. The state needs to be alternated and changed. It’s also a good idea to learn how to react differently to the same situations. This is necessary so that the partner cannot predict what will happen next. New skills It will never be superfluous to master new practices, techniques, positions in sex. It always excites, makes intimacy more interesting and memorable. You can learn a deep blowjob or the process of bringing a woman to squirt.


The places for making love also need to change. Don’t be limited to your bed and home. It is not interesting. You can stick to each other wherever fantasy allows, and wherever desire arises.

The embodiment of fantasies

To avoid failures in sex, you need to try to start embodying each other’s sexual dreams and fantasies. As a rule, most of the adult population dreams of group sex or sex with a gay person. Someone likes anal sex, someone has never tried it. A huge number of males also want to experience the sensations when they caress the anus. If you start to practice all this, you can add a touch of madness to intimate and return the fire to the relationship. By making sex new, you can make your reality brighter and more diverse. Moreover, it will have a positive effect on health and appearance.

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