Should you use intimate gels?

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The use of intimate gels has its opponents and supporters. For example, an  escort agency provides sex services in Odessa using various types of lubricants. Previously, intimate gels were used only in gynecological operations, thanks to which the doctor could easily and, most importantly, painlessly conduct a gynecological examination. However, they are now widely available and used as a variety of sexual experiences!

What are intimate gels?

Most of these foods are composed primarily of water with additives. Thickeners and moisturizers are most often added (for example, aloe, which, in addition to moisturizing, soothes all kinds of irritations). You should not be afraid of intimate gels, they are usually safe drugs that do not cause any unpleasant ailments. Assuming they come from a trusted source, of course!

What does the application of such a gel look like? It depends on the drug, but most often it is applied to the mucous membranes and skin of intimate parts before intercourse. It is worth noting that they do not contain unnecessary additives and preservatives that can cause sensitization in you!

Why buy an intimate gel?

A significant part of society has a problem with proper hydration of intimate places. This is especially noticeable during intercourse. Sex in this situation can cause the woman pain and discomfort, which will discourage her from trying again. The aforementioned intimate gels will help you with the right level of hydration and heighten your senses. The most important benefits of using this type of product are reduced friction, increased sexual sensation, and increased effectiveness of the condoms used!

Interestingly, intimate gels are used not only for traditional intercourse. They are also used during anal and oral intercourse. Moreover, they can be used during fondling, masturbation and foreplay!

If you have not used intimate gels before, you need to do this! You will see for yourself what the difference is if you use this type of drug during intercourse. You learned about some of the benefits from this article (but you must see for yourself what it is). We must not forget to choose the right product with a simple, natural composition.

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