Shouldn’t we upgrade to iOs 9?

April 17, 2021 By Admin Off

One of the most frustrating aspects of iPhones is definitely the limited memory. Those who want to be happy owners of the Apple iPhone XR 64Gb Black Apple device , but do not have sufficient funds for this, opt for smartphones with 8 or 16 Gb of RAM. In fact, this is terribly inconvenient and somewhat restricts the user. You constantly have to delete old and unnecessary photos in order to take a new photo or shoot a video. And with the arrival of new updates, the installation of which sometimes requires five gigabytes of free memory, the owners begin to puzzle over where to get so much free memory, after all, the required minimum of applications have already been downloaded on the device. And new interesting games also weigh a lot. What should users do in such a situation?

There is an exit.

The new iOs 9 has solved the problems of owners of devices with a small amount of memory, thanks to a number of innovations. There were only three such important changes, but how could they affect the devices.

Reduced requirements. To install updates, you no longer need 4 or 5 gigs, just one with a little is enough. Apple is constantly working on its devices and programs to gain even more recognition and love among its users. The developers claim that soon everyone will switch to the 9th iOs, especially the iPad mini, which have very low operating memory.

Automatically remove programs and applications to free up memory. Do not be afraid, after the system finishes its update, everything will return to its rightful place safe and sound.

And, perhaps, the most necessary and important novelty is memory optimization. All applications on smartphones with the latest iOs will use the gadget’s memory very economically. As economical as possible – such savings will not be measured in megabytes, but even in gigabytes. App Thining is responsible for exactly this change in the ninth system. The secret is to simply split applications into parts that are necessary for specific devices. Depending on the model of smartphone or tablet, this useful and smart application will offer to open only the required installation package, removing all unnecessary ones.

Thanks to these innovations, the advantages of iOs 9 are obvious and users with devices of 8 or 16 gigabytes will certainly want to update after reading this article.

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